CorBag trains you to see, think and react faster than your opponent. It's your brain that decides which punch or block to use.  These decisions (their speed and accuracy)  have more to do with winning than any other aspect of combat.

CorBag was designed by experts from boxing, martial arts, police and military...


They wanted a product that would simulate the chaotic and unpredictable nature of real combat.  Unlike traditional punching bags (speed bag, double-ended bag, reflex bag) which are rhythmic CorBag's movement is completely random. You never know what comes next.  CorBag's motion is the most realistic of any punching bag. 



 Relax Under Pressure          Increase Focus          Quicker Reflexes          Better Decisions          Fun To Hit    

Unpredictable Targets Will Make You Strike Faster   

CorBag is the ultimate advantage: O.O.D.A. Loop.  

"The truth is outside of all fixed patterns."  -Bruce Lee