Relax Under Pressure          Increase Focus          Quicker Reflexes          Better Decisions          Fun To Hit    

"A goal is not always reached, often it is simply something to aim at."  -Bruce Lee

corporal harris,  usmc (ret.)

Nervous System Training.  CorBag's unpredictable motion makes it an ideal tool in the recovery of and strengthening of motor skills.  It's large range of motion and soft targets create a fun and challenging exercise which will improve the users coordination and confidence.

"All of our physical therapists agree CORBAG is a       great addition for our participants."  -Derek Parshell, Lab Coordinator, Arnold School of Public Health


CorBag adds your brain which intensifies the exercise without increasing wear on the body.  Studies have shown that a coordinated body uses less energy per movement and, because of reduced co activation of the antagonist muscles, is less likely to get injured.



regain hand-eye coordination and motor skills

goal oriented movement

full cns  activation

"an important tool
  in my recovery"