"Be self aware, rather than a repetitious robot." -Bruce Lee


CorBag Sets My Gym Apart: This Is The New Workout My Customers Love!   


body & brain

total body fitness

CorBag engages the most powerful part of

your body - your brain. 


Add CorBag to many traditional exercises for a fun and challenging coordination exercise.

(coordination dip, coordination sit-up, coordination push-up)

Your brain loves a good challenge which is why people love to hit CorBag (It's like a fitness piñata).  CorBag is fun so you use it and because you use it, it works.

add corbag to almost any exercise 

 Relax Under Pressure          Increase Focus          Quicker Reflexes          Better Decisions          Fun To Hit    

Arms, legs, core AND BRAIN

Workout smarter not harder. Coordinated muscles produce more speed and power but use less energy.  Can you do a push-up or sit-up with your eyes closed?  You can, because typical exercise only trains your musculoskeletal system.  CorBag's unpredictable motion strengthens your nervous system which increases 

coordination.  When you train your body and mind you get more results in less time.