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Stronger Thinking

Your brain is the most powerful part of your body.  Before your muscles can move your brain must decide what, when and how to move.  It is your brain that determines your speed and performance.

CORBAG strengthens the connections in your brain which allows you to see, think and react faster.   

- Unpredictable Realistic Motion

- Mental & Physical Benefits

- Fun to Hit

- Easy to Hang or Store

- Portable

  Just $49.99 + s&h

Cross-Train Body & Brain

CORBAG is the fitness device that strengthens coordination between your brain & body. 

Its patented design creates a dynamic motion which challenges you both mentally and physically.

CORBAG increases your brain function which improves both your mental & physical performance. 


CORBAG: Coordination Bag

Brain Benefits




Decision Speed                     


Body Benefits


Fat Loss

Quick Reflexes

Injury Prevention