It's not size that matters, it's how you use it.  Muscles do not guide themselves, CorBag's unpredictable nature challenges your brain to decide quicker and more accurately.  CorBag increases your performance through coordination by strengthening the link between your brain and your body.

Not just an evolution...

CorBag is a revolution in fitness training.

CorBag's unpredictable motion engages and challenges your brain which, like a muscle, grows stronger.  Your new neural connections enable greater physical coordination.  CorBag builds the connections in your brain (synapses) so you can see, think and react faster.  CorBag improves your brain function which increases both your mental and physical performance. 


body & brain


Build Coordination Between Your Muscles and Nervous-System  

Your Brain Will Love The Unpredictability  

Increase performance

fun to


"Muscles have no power to guide themselves."  -Bruce Lee

 Relax Under Pressure          Increase Focus          Quicker Reflexes          Better Decisions          Fun To Hit